Project Executives

Here are the lists of the current Project Executives: -

Rev Samuel Karkomnda         Chairman

Rev. Samuel N. Karkumda, was born at Kwanta Ga’anda District in Gombi Local Government of Adamawa State.

I was born in the year (1963)-1/11/1863. Into the Family of Karkomnda and Dattin at a village called Kan kwantawa, today am 53years old. I received Christ as my personal saviour and Lord in the year 1979 and I was baptised by Rev, Ayuba Chifartawa at LCCN Ga’anda.

I was married to Rautha Samuel Kefas at 1985, God blessed us with Nine (9) Children 2 Males 3 Females that are alive while 4 died or called to Glory.


    • Attended Ga’anda Primary School in the year 1971-1977 Primary Certificate.
    • Government Teachers college Jada 1979-1783 Greed two Certificate.
    • Bronoum Lutheran Seminary 1989-1992
    • Diploma in Christian Ministry Mbamba 1989-1992.
    • Christian Theological Seminary Ibadan 2000-2002 Degree Certificate or Bachelor of Arts.



    • I was employed as a GR II leader in 1984-1988
    • I was appointed as a Christian visiting teacher in 1996-date, by Gombi Local Education Authority.
    • I was elected as the CAN Chairman of Gombi Local Government in 2010-2016.
    • Interim Coordinator for Ga’anda Bible Translation in 2007-2008.
    • Elected as the Chairman Ga’anda Bible Translation in 2014-date as Chairman.

    God Blessed us all in his Vineyard.

    Musa Yitangha                       V/Chairman

    Justus Dogari                          Secretary

    Shadrack Barkuma                Asst Secretary

    Jensen Gangrang                   Financial Secretary

    Vincent Yohanna                    Treasurer

    Sunday Timawus                    Project Coordinator

    Dinah Solomon                       Literacy Supervisor

    Edward Festus                        Organizing Secretary

    Polycarp Ayuba                      Advisory Committee

    Claphton Difirwiti                                  “