Translation Department

In the Translation Department, the translators have translated the following materials into the Ga'anda language which have already gone through consultant checking: 

1. Gospel of Luke

2. Reading and writing book

3. Gospel of Mark

4. Acts of the Apostles

5. I & II Timothy

6. James

7. Wonderful Plan of God booklets I & II



There are other books which are yet to be checked by the consultants which are: 

1. Mathew

2. John

3. Galatians

4. Ephesians

5. Philippians

6. Colossians

7. I & II Thessalonians 

8. Titus

9. Philemon

10. I & II Peter

11. I, II and III John

12. Jude


Through translation we carryout the following activities:

Book publishing

Song writing

Story telling

Prayers and other materials